Popular Add-ons in Custom Trading Pins

With the rising popularity of trading pins, both in sports and in other purposes, custom-made designs are becoming the norm. Of course, the all-time favorite designs are still on-stock, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t excited to get their own uniquely-designed custom trading pins. As there are so much the stores now have to offer, most of the popular pin types are still the following:

  • Soft Enamel– These are considered the highest quality made trading pins. The vivid colors of the enamel on the metal pins are the best after all. These are great for logos and blocky, artful texts. Comprising the majority of the ordered customized pin designs, these are often updated, with the available colors increasing in number all the time.
  • Digital Printed – This type is best for fine detailed images and texts to be placed on the pins. They are created by directly printing the design on the brass pins and are later coated with a protective layer to make the print last. Logos, pictures and statement texts are used in the designs of this pin type.
  • Photo Etched – One of the most economical pin types out there, this is popular as an alternative to the enamel pins.

Custom Trading PinsUsually, the custom trading pins are made with one single piece of metal to be used as the body and the pin will be securely attached onto its back plate. But with the improvements in the mold and technology used in making these pins, more attachments are invented to make the pins cooler and more attractive.

  • Dangler – This is another piece of a pin, usually a smaller part of the design that hangs away from the main pin with a metal ring, cuff or a short chain. The movement offered by the attachment adds value to the trading pins. It could also be a nice add-on for repeat designs. Like having the year attached to the tournament/event logo for each year, right?
  • Slider –This is usually another pin piece that is pinioned on a cut on the main pin. Sliding around from there, the attachment offers a dynamic factor to your design. This is popular for sport trading pins, usually having a ball or part of the main image move along the cut on the pin.
  • Spinner – Just like the slider, the only difference is this is stationary and the pinioned piece spins on its own. Balls are usually the most popular attachment piece for sport custom trading pins. The movement looks good, especially if tied into the design seamlessly.
  • Blinkers – Using a small button battery to power the miniscule colored LED light bulbs embedded into the pin, you can have blinking lights on your trading pins. Sure, the battery might run dry in time, but it looks good while it lasts.
  • Glitter – Changing for a bit the soft enamel used as the coloring paint on the pins, glitter is added unto the color scheme to add glamour to your design. This has to be considered carefully since some of the colors might appear differently than what’s planned in the design because of the glitter effect.
  • Bobble Heads – Using a very small heavy-duty spring to prop the separate piece attachment to the main pin body, a part is made to bob around with the wearer’s movement. Dynamics and movement are always good in designs and they’re fun to look at right? You can have bobbing heads or balls or even text that pop right out and move with a little budge.

Many new attachments and add-on features continue to come out for custom trading pins; but fortunately, the stores usually have galleries with samples so you can see how they would look like on a real pin. After that, you can decide what attachments and add-ons you would like on your design. Remember not to jam too much moving parts into your pin or else it will look too forced-like. Simple is good but too little features may make your pin look too drab. Have fun in making your unique design with these awesome attachments!